Zoli Pitman HA1AG ha1ag at hg6n.hu
Thu Jun 28 15:38:05 EDT 2007

Paul O'Kane wrote:

> No - contest rules typically permit wired circuits
> within a 500-meter circle.

As far as I can interpret those, that distance/diameter is meant for 
RF-generating/emmitting/receiving station elements and not for baseband 
and control signals.

> I care deeply about amateur radio.  There's no
> practical difference between your 3000 km microphone
> line, and a 3000 km EchoLink circuit - they're both
> RF substitutes for the purpose of person-to-person
> communication.  Neither of them represents an
> amateur radio QSO.  Don't agree?  

Actually that is a radio contact between the Echolink site and the QSO 

 > Then how would
> you define the term "amateur radio QSO"?

Bridging over distances between points by generating RF energy according 
to the licenses of both parties. IMO.

Most radio licenses define limits and parameters for the source of the 
emitted RF and not for the source of modulating signals.

Remote operation is already a reality, we just have to learn to take 
most benefits out of it and how to incorporate it into our technology 
and traditions. It will stay just as packet stayed.

73 Zoli HA1AG

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