[CQ-Contest] Packet debate

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 09:28:45 EST 2007

>On Thu, 2007-03-15 at 18:30 -0700, Tom Osborne wrote:
>> One thing I have never understood yet, If I have a receiver in G land on 75, 
>> and that receiver is hearing I stations 10 over 9, I still  have to be able 
>> to transmit and be able to reach G (which ain't gonna happen with my setup) 
>> on 75 meters.
>Yep, and this is why I think there's no need to restrict use of remote
>A rule restricting all transmitters operating on the contest bands to a
>500m circle would IMHO be adequate.
>Doug Smith W9WI
>Pleasant View, TN  EM66

So, I have a TX with an indoor antenna here in W1-land along with a remote RX in VK-land.  A VK station has a TX in VK with a remote RX here in W1-land.   No need to restrict remote receivers?? 

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