[CQ-Contest] When is a QSO not a QSO

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Wed Mar 21 20:47:02 EST 2007

Herb, KV4FZ, wrote:

>  Where the op is
> located should not be the issue, where the station is located
> is everything.

That's what the ARRL Contest Manager has basically clarified.

> Now will someone please put a remote station in the remote
> areas of Yukon and NWT so some year I can finally get a sweep
> in the ARRL DX Contest on 160 meters!

Shucks, I'll chip in a few bucks to help get VY1JA a 160m antenna if he doesn't have one!

Umh, Herb and I have been discussing the possibilities of remote contesting from his place for over a year.  Recent tests results (since I finally got wireless here a week ago) indicated the latency issue for 35WPM CW Contesting is still a problem.  I'm not ready to give on the prospects yet, however.


Rick, K6VVA (KP2CW - Trustee) 

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