[CQ-Contest] Riddle Me this... BS7H

Glenn VA3DX va3dx at sympatico.ca
Thu May 3 08:31:12 EDT 2007

Under the same circumstances, I would have moved  up or
down a KHZ.  I would not be so stubborn as to try to
prove a point.

I remember the morning well, and remember thinking that
it must be a bootlegger, that N7MAL wouldn't do that
intentionally. And yes I realized that the contest was going on.

Myself, I would have qsyed knowing what was going on at
the time. Obviously there were a lot of folks upset.


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> Having recently been through this when KH8 was on I highly recommend going
> to a baseball game. I received death threats and various other threats
> though the U.S. mail all because I was trying participate in JIDX Contest
> and I would not relinquish my 'run-freq' to the KH8. DXpeditions and
> contests just don't play well together. Contesters should not be expected 
> to
> give up 25khz during a big weekend. I think DXers should be willing to
> compromise especially on xpeditions that last for more than 7 days. Also
> judging by all the whining in the last 2 press releases from BS7 it sounds
> like they all could use a 12 hour break.
> Just my -2 cents worth.
> 73
> http://www.ctaz.com/~suzyq/N7mal.htm
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>  With propagation looking downright lovely for DX
>  chasing, and the folks at BS7H working their buns off
>  trying to hand out a tough new one 24 kHz up the band,
>  and the pileups sure to be 25+ khz wide...
>  Where does everyone plan to be for the NEQP, 7landQP,
>  ARI, etc, etc???
>  sounds like it will be one heck of an interesting
>  weekend ;o)
>  Cheers,
>  Julius
>  n2wn
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