[CQ-Contest] Riddle Me this... BS7H

J F phriendly1 at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 09:03:21 EDT 2007


Actually it would be nice if they (DXers, me too!)
could slide down, contesters slide up a bit and
everyone got along ;o)

With the Reef DXpedition being such a rare event, and
propagation improving, the folks with the most numbers
will win out... kinda like Democracy

I'm just curious where folks are thinking about being,
higher or lower than the pileup...

--- N7MAL <N7MAL at CITLINK.NET> wrote:

> Having recently been through this when KH8 was on I
> highly recommend going 
> to a baseball game. I received death threats and
> various other threats 
> though the U.S. mail all because I was trying
> participate in JIDX Contest 
> and I would not relinquish my 'run-freq' to the KH8.
> DXpeditions and 
> contests just don't play well together. Contesters
> should not be expected to 
> give up 25khz during a big weekend. I think DXers
> should be willing to 
> compromise especially on xpeditions that last for
> more than 7 days. Also 
> judging by all the whining in the last 2 press
> releases from BS7 it sounds 
> like they all could use a 12 hour break.
> Just my -2 cents worth.
> 73
> http://www.ctaz.com/~suzyq/N7mal.htm
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>   With propagation looking downright lovely for DX
>   chasing, and the folks at BS7H working their buns
> off
>   trying to hand out a tough new one 24 kHz up the
> band,
>   and the pileups sure to be 25+ khz wide...
>   Where does everyone plan to be for the NEQP,
> 7landQP,
>   ARI, etc, etc???
>   sounds like it will be one heck of an interesting
>   weekend ;o)
>   Cheers,
>   Julius
>   n2wn
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