[CQ-Contest] 349th annual SMC Hooters Party - Thurs 6:30

Paul Gentry Paul at k9pg.com
Mon May 14 17:22:02 EDT 2007

The Society of Midwest Contesters will be hosting its annual Dayton
get-together - wing party - beer fest on Thursday May 17 in "The Garage" at
the Hooters, 453 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd in Centerville, OH starting
around 6:30pm    They're under new management this year.... and the manager
doesn't really have any idea how many free wings to give us this year... so
he says "let's start at 500 and work from there."   There was a good turn
out last year compared to previous years.... but I'd imagine the more people
that show up, the more free wings we get.

This year, K5NZ, DL2AA, me and others will once again be stopping by the
Goodwill store down the street, I believe the address is 950
Miamisburg-Centerville Rd, making our donation to the needy, while picking
up some spiffy new suit coats and ties.   I STRONGLY encourage everyone
attending to do the same thing.   There might even be some kind of an award
(tangible or $) for the person who shows up in the ugliest, most clashing,
most color uncoordinated, oversized or undersized, goofy looking getup....
if enough people do it.   I'll get the girls to vote for the winner.... so
be sure to put on your bright yellow & red Hawaiian shirt at the hotel, and
then pick up a purple & lime green jacket that's 3 sizes too small with a
brown & pink polka dot tie at the Goodwill!     And please.... don't be
worried about looking ridiculous.... that is the whole point.... let loose
and be slaphappy for a couple hours.   Maybe we can get the local media
there.... then we can show 'em that WE are the REAL hams... not that guy
walking around with the 5 guyed foot tower on his hard hat!

Here's a map to the Hooters.


If you're coming from the Crowne Plaza, or anywhere from the north, it's
faster if you pass the Miami-Centerville exit and hop on the I-675 extension
about a mile further south... get off at the first exit and go right about a
2 miles.   The Hooters is on the left in a strip mall. The Goodwill store is
something like a half mile or a mile to the EAST of the Hooters on the other
side of the street, which I believe would be the south side of the
street.... so if you hit the Hooters, you went past it.   You'll probably be
able to get a ride there from the Crowne Plaza around 6 if you need one.

Everyone is invited.  No RSVP necessary, but if you plan on going, please
let me know so I can have a general idea of how many to expect.... and so I
can answer all the "who's gonna be here" questions that everyone asks.

Questions?   Please reply direct...    lid at k9pg.com

Paul  K9PG

As usual.... I'll have another dozen or so digital cameras if anyone
needs/wants one.

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