[CQ-Contest] 349th annual SMC Hooters Party - Thurs 6:30

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Small correction at Paul's request.  The Goodwill store is to the WEST
not East, of Hooters, about halfway between the I-675 exit and Hooters
where Centerville Rd. curves.

See y'all there,

73, Gerry  K8GT

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Date: Monday, May 14, 2007 8:49 pm
Subject: [CQ-Contest] 349th annual SMC Hooters Party - Thurs 6:30
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> The Society of Midwest Contesters will be hosting its annual Dayton
> get-together - wing party - beer fest on Thursday May 17 in "The 
> Garage" at
> the Hooters, 453 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd in Centerville, OH starting
> around 6:30pm    They're under new management this year.... and the 
> managerdoesn't really have any idea how many free wings to give us 
> this year... so
> he says "let's start at 500 and work from there."   There was a 
> good turn
> out last year compared to previous years.... but I'd imagine the 
> more people
> that show up, the more free wings we get.
> This year, K5NZ, DL2AA, me and others will once again be stopping 
> by the
> Goodwill store down the street, I believe the address is 950
> Miamisburg-Centerville Rd, making our donation to the needy, while 
> pickingup some spiffy new suit coats and ties.   I STRONGLY 
> encourage everyone
> attending to do the same thing.   There might even be some kind of 
> an award
> (tangible or $) for the person who shows up in the ugliest, most 
> clashing,most color uncoordinated, oversized or undersized, goofy 
> looking getup....
> if enough people do it.   I'll get the girls to vote for the 
> winner.... so
> be sure to put on your bright yellow & red Hawaiian shirt at the 
> hotel, and
> then pick up a purple & lime green jacket that's 3 sizes too small 
> with a
> brown & pink polka dot tie at the Goodwill!     And please.... 
> don't be
> worried about looking ridiculous.... that is the whole point.... 
> let loose
> and be slaphappy for a couple hours.   Maybe we can get the local 
> mediathere.... then we can show 'em that WE are the REAL hams... 
> not that guy
> walking around with the 5 guyed foot tower on his hard hat!
> Here's a map to the Hooters.
> http://hooters.know-where.com/hooters/cgi/site?site=107&address=
> If you're coming from the Crowne Plaza, or anywhere from the north, 
> it'sfaster if you pass the Miami-Centerville exit and hop on the I-
> 675 extension
> about a mile further south... get off at the first exit and go 
> right about a
> 2 miles.   The Hooters is on the left in a strip mall. The Goodwill 
> store is
> something like a half mile or a mile to the EAST of the Hooters on 
> the other
> side of the street, which I believe would be the south side of the
> street.... so if you hit the Hooters, you went past it.   You'll 
> probably be
> able to get a ride there from the Crowne Plaza around 6 if you need 
> one.
> Everyone is invited.  No RSVP necessary, but if you plan on going, 
> pleaselet me know so I can have a general idea of how many to 
> expect.... and so I
> can answer all the "who's gonna be here" questions that everyone asks.
> Questions?   Please reply direct...    lid at k9pg.com
> Paul  K9PG
> As usual.... I'll have another dozen or so digital cameras if anyone
> needs/wants one.
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