[CQ-Contest] new contest rig - my two cents

kr2q at optonline.net kr2q at optonline.net
Mon May 21 19:29:20 EDT 2007

HI all:

W4ZV summed it up nicely.  Just back from Dayton and I am now waiting for the K3 to arrive.

Besides everything that Bill said, I would add:

How about the ability to easily and completely lift up your radio off the desk (straight up, not using a handle) with ONE HAND, so you can move stuff around with the other hand!  

I won't "identify" others, but a number of K3's went to well known, high-achieving FRC members in the last four days (no, I am not a member of FRC - and I've never been a member of any contest club).

The promise is great, the investment small.  SO2R for the price of one "of theirs."  

de Doug KR2Q

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