[CQ-Contest] JIDX server has been moving

Tack Kumagai je1cka at chofu.jaxa.jp
Wed May 23 02:11:48 EDT 2007

To All

I reported Masa-AH0K's SK in March. He had been a member of 
JIDX contest committee and been taking care of our nest 
"jidx.org" for several years.

Now we are in process of moving our nest to new server. 
However the old server will be shutdown at 25th May
but the moving will not be completed by that date.

So "http://jidx.org/" will not be visible for a few days.
Please use the following temporary URL

The Emails to 
jidx-cw at jidx.org, cw at jidx.org
will not work also, so please use 
cw at jidx.x0.com

** JIDX-CW log deadline is 31 May
So do not forget to submit your JIDX-CW log.
	JIDX contest committee chairman
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM

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