[CQ-Contest] tech challenge - SAY WHAT?

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Mon May 28 16:34:42 EDT 2007

At 05:14 PM 5/28/2007 +0000, kr2q at optonline.net wrote:
>I think that the ability to post REAL TIME SCORES is just so much mental
>For M/M, if you have "extra" guys, I guess they can watch the scoreboard. 
>What is the value unless you're looking for some inside secret info to 
>take advantage of?
>If you're S/O, looking at the scoreboard means you're not optimizing your
score (winning).

Some of us inadvertently have time to do that, while tuning the band(s)
doing S&P or waiting for an answer to our CQ. Those of us doing a single
band often have moren enuf such time on our hands  ;o(((((

>Knowing the results immediately post-contest is nice. As I recall from 
>multiple decades ago, we did this using 3830 (hey...isn't there a 
>reflector with that same name?). You didn't need to see it on line, you 
>just tuned in and gave your score. M/M also gave band by band breakdowns. 
>It was immediate and tension-relieving.

It was great for the M/Ms and some of the bigger SOs; and frustrating for
the smaller SOs who not only couldn't hear some of those calling in, but as
often as not, couldn't get in ourselves. Then there were those of us trying
to use our CW-tuned antler on the (GASP!!!) PHONE band  ;o\  ;o\  ;o\

To put it mildly, web score reporting after the test was a great relief to
me, since 3830 was pretty much useless most of the time to the smaller fry.

>I suppose that an analogy in favor of real time scores would be horse-racing 

..... or any form of vehicle racing. When driving a race vehicle, you can
change your strategy and tactics on the spur of the moment depending upon
what the competition is doing. Same thing with realtime score reporting.
Say you're a M/S and in the middle of a sporadic E opening on 10m that's
giving you lots of QSOs  and thus 1-pointers; but then you see that your
competitor has just begun piling up QSOs but also that his score is
increasing by more points, and so he/she must be working 6-pointers; that
clues you into the fact that 15m just opened to Europe (or JA).

Of course, spots should tell you the same thing (if you're operating in an
assisted category).

>But sitting there, watching a 2 minute event, is a lot different than 
>watching a 48 hour marathon. I like to look at my "finished lawn"

I'd rather see mine sprouting aluminum and steel all over the place  ;o))))))

>...I don't want to watch the grass grow.

When a band opens, it's more like watching the weeds grow faster than the
grass ;o))))))

Steve, K0XP

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