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Would it not make more sense to specify the area (sq km, etc) to be  
included?  So that one 
does not get crazy shapes, you could impose  limits on the geometry (circles, 
maybe even a hexagon,  etc.  No "star shapes," etc.).  You could also set 
minimal and  maximal
dimensions so that you don't have a spaghetti club.   

It would make more sense to use a maximum perimeter.  A 175 mile  radios 
circle is about 1100 miles circumference; so just use any shape with no  more 
than, say, an 1100 miles perimeter.  That could be 150 x 400, 50  x 500, etc.  
Seems that would fit long skinny states like Florida and  Tennessee pretty well.
If some club wants a 549 by 1 mile territory, what the heck, let them go  for 
73  -  Jim   K8MR

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