[CQ-Contest] tech challenge - SAY WHAT?

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I think this is the Old Guard vs. the New Guard.  I don't know what it is
but people seem to get stuck in their ways the more time goes on.
Thankfully, forward thinkers do prevail or else we would still all be using
tube gear and wires or G5RV's or maybe there just wouldn't be radio at all.

We do need more young people in the hobby and they like err love computers
and my son who just got licensed is very interested in the digital modes and
the computer side of radio.  Test sessions are much busier than in the past.
More new people are entering the hobby.  It is up to us to find them and
invite them into our ranks and use every tool available to make it more

I would like to see a break down of the those for and those against by age.
I have a feeling how that would look.

Real time scoring is probably not going to affect many of the top ten folks.
They are either top notch ops, have top notch station or both.  Lets take
this out further.  If you are a NCCC member and you see that your club is
trailing Grand Mesa Contesters are you as a NCCC member not going to be more
motivated to try harder, put in some more time etc.  As a Grand Mesa member
are you going to see how close things are and grit it out even when
condition suck?  If you had no clue how close a race was to call you might
have said the heck with the crummy bands and mow the lawn instead....

As for purists, look at the great group of purists on 14.275.  A great
representation of exactly what code test did not stop.

It is time that the contest committees get with the times.  There are too
many stories of continually late log submissions by one or a few and way too
many inconsistencies in the process.  Lets get real time going, lets get
logs turned in within minutes or hours of the end of the contest etc.

Mike W0MU



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Hi Doug...leave it to you to pooh-pooh advances in the hobby...its not any
different than packet, or twenty years ago 2 meter voice spotting nets, or
for that matter transistors in the radios...wasn't it Chicken Little who ran
around in circles and kept saying "the sky is falling"....technology is here
to stay..no matter how we cry and beat our chests....or for that matter
mentally masturbate....(I love that one) ....we want to attract new
youngsters into the hobby, it will from a technology side....not a true
purist view that if he/she  didn't get a 20 wpm Extra license then they are
not fit for the hobby....

Real-time scoring is here and it will grow at a very strong pace....I was
amazed to see so many participants on the site this past weekend....they
covered almost every class of operation...my challenge was to the M-M's who
are not leading the way, but keeping their score "close to the vest" until
time to announce on 3830....why is it this way?? Being "in the loop" ( a
real nice techno phrase) during the whole contest is more important to me
and obviously others too....it's nice to see how we each stack up as the
contest is unfolding....it serves as a good motivation tool for a
M-M...can't speak for the SOAA ....I can go to my band teams and let them
know they are doing good or they need to really get with it...that is also

Still trying to figure out the Mental Thing....confused down in Dixie

de Rick nq4i

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>I think that the ability to post REAL TIME SCORES is just so much mental 
> For M/M, if you have "extra" guys, I guess they can watch the scoreboard. 
> What is the value unless you're looking for some inside secret info to 
> take advantage of?
> If you're S/O, looking at the scoreboard means you're not optimizing your 
> score (winning).
> Knowing the results immediately post-contest is nice.  As I recall from 
> multiple decades ago, we did this using 3830 (hey...isn't there a 
> reflector with that same name?).  You didn't need to see it on line, you 
> just tuned in and gave your score.  M/M also gave band by band breakdowns.

> It was immediate and tension-relieving.
> It was considered a courtesy effort among M/M guys - and had expanded to 
> include lots of other categories.  If a M/M did not give their score, they

> were viewed in a negative light (and they know where they were...but their

> feathers did change).  Why, I even recall a QRPer calling in with his 
> score for a couple of years until a transplanted Texan called him STUPID 
> for doing qrp (gotta love the no-innuendo aspect).
> I suppose that an analogy in favor of real time scores would be 
> horse-racing where the ACTION is the excitement of the entire race (2 
> minutes) as the competitors close to the finish.  Horse-racing excitement 
> would not be the same if all you got were the win/place/show listing.  But

> sitting there, watching a 2 minute event, is a lot different than watching

> a 48 hour marathon.   I like to look at my "finished lawn" but I don't 
> want to watch the grass grow.
> Wishing everyone a safe holiday and thanks for the Q!
> de Doug KR2Q
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