[CQ-Contest] tech challenge - SAY WHAT?

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Tue May 29 17:10:19 EDT 2007

You WAY over estimate the 'average' m/m.  

> Second, I still think that looking at real time scores (for M/M) doesn't
> (won't) matter.  Your M/M crew should be experts at what they do and
> should not need you (Rick) as their cheerleader.  Maybe my assumption of

Don't bet on it.  I have frequent turnover of operators and need to coach
and help out every contest.  Don't bet that every m/m you see posting scores
has the same 12 operators in the chairs every contest.  I also like to give
my ops a chance to try new bands and modes so I don't have 6 or 12 band
experts who sit there and cq for 48 hours.

> Most likely, your M/M competition is not geographically near you, so I'm
> not sure what seeing stuff real time would buy.  I clearly remember times
> when W2PV worked stuff that I couldn't hear at K2GL/N2AA.  Equally, I

Close enough is what counts.  Yeah, I can't compare directly with nq4i, but
I know the difference between here and w3lpl and k3lr and don't get worried
when I hear them working stuff that I can't.  but if kb1h is running on 10m
then by darn I ought to be able to do it also!  And if kc1xx is running
Europe on 80m before sunset... well there are some things you just can't
compete with.

> "tunes around."  Yes, this assumes you have two guys per position which
> may not be always true (but should be for M/M).

I can't do 2 ops per band without real special efforts and then only for
single band contests.  I don't have the antennas or radios to handle that,
neither do most of the stations I think I compete directly with.  but I'm
working on it.  I sure would like to see the 'big' m/m stations post their
scores though even though I know we can't beat them.

Also, you should note that most operators are not in it for the individual
win.  If I were in it for wood I would have given up on the big contests
years ago.  I run a m/m station mostly for antenna limited club members who
want to contribute to the YCCC club score... and for the FUN of getting
together a group a few times a year just in case there is a big power
failure in nh, pa, and md.

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