[CQ-Contest] Portugal Day Contest 2007

Carlos Nora carlosnora.ct1end at gmail.com
Tue May 29 05:18:28 EDT 2007

The Rede dos Emissores Portugueses - REP Society invites all radio-amateurs
to participate in the Portugal Day Contest 2007.

00:00Z to 24:00Z on 2nd Saturday of June every Year
June 9, 2007

REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses member of IARU, sponsors the PORTUGAL
DAY CONTEST, a 24 hours contest, every year on the second Saturday of June .
It is on PHONE (SSB) only, on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, using the
recomended IARU band plan for Region 1, and is part of the IARU's
International Contest Calendar.
For all the effects of this Contest a Portuguese station is any CT, CT3 or
CU prefix station (or any other official Portuguese prefix), and DX station
are any other station on the DXCC list.

Classes: Single operator all bands SSB
Exchange: DX station send RST and sequential number begining with 001.
Portuguese stations will send RST plus the letters that identifies his
District or Autonome Region.
Points: Contacts of DX stations with stations of diferent countries of DXCC
with exception of Portuguese
stations counts 3 point.
Contacts of DX stations with Portuguese stations counts 6 points.
Contacts between Portuguese stations or with EA stations (with exception of
EA6, EA8 and EA9), counts
3 point, but are only valid on 40 and 80 meters bands.
Contacts of Portuguese stations with DX stations with exception of EA counts
3 points.
Contacts with the same station are only valid on diferent bands.
Multiplier: Each Portuguese District/Autonome Region and each DXCC Country
valid on the date of the
Contest on each band is a multiplier.
Contacts between DX stations of the same DXCC country, counts only as a
Final Score: Total contact points from all bands times the sum of all the
Awards: Plaque for the top world scorer.
Plaque for the first portuguese and for the first EA scorers.
Diploma for the highest score on each DXCC country, if the final score is at
least 20% of the higher score.
Participation Diploma to all stations with 50 or more logged contacts
(Portuguese and EA stations) or 25 or more logged contacts (DX).
The awards are not cumulative.
Logs: The logs must be send postmarked no later than August 31th, on any
standard log sheet including summary and dupe sheets if applicable or for
logs with more than 200 contacts, and if possible with description of the
station and power used, to the address shown below:
REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses
Rua D. Pedro V, Nº 7 -4º
1250-092 Lisboa

or by e-mail
rep-concursos at rep.pt

Districts and Autonomous Regions of Portugal identification codes:
AVEIRO AV                    LISBOA LX
BEJA BJ                        PORTALEGRE PG
BRAGA BR                    PORTO PT
EVORA EV                    VILA REAL VR
FARO FR                       VISEU VS
GUARDA GD                 AÇORES AC
LEIRIA LR                     MADEIRA MD

73 e Obrigado , Carlos Nora - CT1END
Presidente de Direcção da REP
TM 963 076 931
Rede dos Emissores Portugueses
Fundada em 1926
Membro da IARU desde 1931
Instituição de Utilidade Pública desde 1947
Associação Nacional de Radioamadores
Página na Internet em http://www.rep.pt
E-Mail e MSN: carlosnora.ct1end at gmail.com
AHRAP-Historical Archive of the Portuguese Amateur Radio :

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