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sawyered at earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Tue May 29 06:36:15 EDT 2007

I have no issue with Rick's "call to arms" for the M/M category.  In fact, I think anyone running assisted should use Gerry's excellent site (nice work OM).  

Personally, I don't use Gerry's site for a couple of reasons:

- To me, unassisted is just that.  While I can totally see the difference between clicking on spots and hitting "Enter" vs observing the total score tally, I still consider it assistance for many of the reasons sited here on the reflector.  A good example was this weekend in WPX.  We had a decent sparodic E opening to EU which could have amounted to much more Qs than it did.  If it had, and I was working it, a good op watching my score would have said "N1UR is hitting on something but my 20M rate sucks...I wonder if 10 or 15 just opened?"  I defy ANYONE to not consider that assistance.

- I don't have my shack computer hooked up to the Internet.  I use TRLog in DOS mode when contesting.  It works for me.  I use my laptop with wireless to monitor the cluster for DX the rest of the time.  My laptop is showing the daylight line during a contest.

To those who mention that people like me are clinging to "old ways".  I could not more disagree.  I am personally technically advanced.  I have wireless laptop capability allowing me to run my business from anywhere in the world.  I choose a hotel based on Internet capability and never walk out of the house without my cell phone.

I also have a great car that can take me anywhere at a very fast pace.  Yet, I run 3 times a week.  Why would I run 3 times a week when my car can get me there.  Because I enjoy running and what it does for me physically.  And so it goes with contesting.  I enjoy tuning the dial and pulling out signals.  I enjoy making my own strategic decisions and then seeing how I fared.

I am not trying to change or recruit anyone to "unassisted class".  Please stop trying to change or recruit me to yous.  Enjoy what you do and build on it...join the realtime scoreboard.  Please allow me to do the same.

Enjoying the "love of radio".


Ed  N1UR

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