[CQ-Contest] Real time scoring

Tony Rogozinski trogo at telegraphy.com
Wed May 30 09:41:28 EDT 2007

I have thought about this issue and for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would have an objection
to participating.  Of course if the logistics were a major problem one might not want to get involved but
that's really not the case for most people.

I have been contesting for nearly 50 years - most recently M/M's from all over the world and can think of
nothing else that would make the contest more interesting and exciting than to see how well or poorly
the competition is doing.  Or for that matter not just the competition but all the other participants especially
my friends and acquaintences.

If it's possible,  logistically,  for me to post my future scores "real time" I will certainly do so. 

(Internet connections are not always possible from locations outside the USA - even from my mountain 
location near Bogota I can only access a dial-up connection which isn't very reliable)


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