[CQ-Contest] Circle Jerks

asciibaron at comcast.net asciibaron at comcast.net
Wed May 30 09:27:41 EDT 2007

> The idea is to compete within the existing rules, not change them to  
> give one group or another a large advantage...

this issue is that the process to manage the various circles makes it difficult for clubs to say who's score counts for what contest.  some operators dislike phone contests, but suck it up and get on for the good of the club - wouldn't it be nice to know if your fringe station was within the circle, esp. if clubs have to resort to a "dancing circle?"  

simply having a standardized boundary for the club competition would allow clubs to clearly define their presence in a given area.  a clear presence allows recruitment - my area is covered by overlapping circles from the PVRC and FRC for some contests, but for others, it's not so clear if i'm wholly in PVRC country.  which clubs do those in my area join,  FRC or PVRC?  it's not clear without standardized methods of defining the boundaries of clubs.

-Steve, WM3O

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