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Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
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Quack Says,
I consider myself a fair to medium  CW operator and find that Cut  Numbers 
in the   5nn are OK   but  ENN would throw me totally out of sync.   I also 
can deal with  T 91   but don't give me  T9A,  and I don't do well with 
T7T  ,  especially with condx to EU from the Left Coast and weak wattery 
sigs. Most times they will have to repeat  the T9A an T7T because I don't 
want a busted Q


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> At 07:25 AM 5/30/2007 +0200, DL8MBS wrote:
>>Steve Harrison schrieb:
>>>When your rate is 3 or 4 per MINUTE, then yes, it surely can;
>>In this years ARRL CW I received a report including "enn" - and trying
>>to answer in the same language I replied "tu enn 7e" as I chose my power
>>as 75 Watts - he  requested a repeat three times and failed nevertheless
>>with me sending at less than 30 wpm. In the fifth over I sent "5nn 75"
>>and he got it.
> The problem here was that the other operator just didn't anticipate, and
> thus expect, cut numbers in the actual power level. Cut numbers are 99% OK
> when it comes to the signal report; but when it comes to conveying
> information from "culture" to "culture", such as European to NA, it 
> doesn't
> work half the time because we NA'ers are "behind the times" and simply
> don't recognize the "advanced technology" of cut numbers  ;o(((((
> So the ONLY time a non-NA station should use a cut number to an unknown NA
> station is during the signal report. Otherwise, please use the long form
> ;o((((((((
> Yeah, I'm acknowledging (and admitting) that we North Americans are sorta
> behind times when it comes to some aspects of operating a radio. I went
> through this same thing back in the middle 1990s when
> High-Speed-Meteor-Scatter first became popular in North America because of
> Tihomir, 9A4GL's, innovative WinMSDSP program which revolutionized V/UHF
> meteor scatter work during the late 1990s, in both Europe and North
> America. When Tihomir introduced WinMSDSP, it became very clear, very
> quickly, that we Norte Americanos were way behind the curve compared to
> Europeans. It wasn't too much longer before I became aware of the cut
> numbers that Europeans had already been using during HF AND V/UHF
> contesting. Due to their increased popularity (and use) amongst Europeans,
> they were beginning to be heard more and more often in North America 
> during
> HF contests; and so it wasn't too long before they were introduced to the
> more-serious NA contesters.
> Still, the use of cut numbers BEYOND WITHIN SIGNAL REPORTS has not become
> very popular amongst very many NA contest ops; and so for that reason, 
> they
> mainly remain unknown and a mystery to the "average-Joe" North American 
> ham
> operator, especially Americans  ;o(((((((
> Steve, K0XP
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