[CQ-Contest] Going in Circles

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You are correct. The General Rulesw for all ARRL sponsored contests require3 
a list of elgible members to be submitted.

8.3.3. To be eligible to submit a score in the Affiliated Club Competition, 
operators must be members in good standing of the club designated, and 
reside and operate in the club territory as provided in 8.4.1, 8.4.2, and 
8.4.3. The Club Secretary or designated Club Scorekeeper for an affiliated 
club must submit a list of all club members eligible to compete for the club 
(not a club roster) and which level (unlimited, medium, local) they wish to 
enter for each competition within 30 days after the contest. In lieu of mailing a list within 30 days after the end of 
each contest, the club may designate its Secretary or Scorekeeper to submit 
their club's eligibility roster electronically to a secure web site (if 
available). The designated club official may update the electronic 
eligibility list by the start of each ACC contest as new members join the 
club or established members no longer meet the eligibility requirements. The 
designated club official must contact the ARRL Contest Branch Manager in 
order to obtain access to the secure website. Failure by the club to submit a valid list of member's 
eligible to submit scores for the club either electronically or by mail may 
result in the club being declared ineligible for the Club Competition event 
in question.
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>>Pete's suggestions make sense, however I don't think they address the
>>problem the PVRC had in last year's SS. Changing the size of the circle
>>doesn't affect the basic problem that no club can know who submitted a
>>log with their club named on it. The question is, who ultimately decides
>>which score's are used for the club competition? I don't see how the
>>club could control it from their end.
> I thought there were at least one or a few contests where a club officer
> had to submit a list of those who's scores were being claimed for the club
> effort?
>>I hesitate to add anything to workload of the log checking volunteers of
>>the world, but would it be possible to cross-check submitted logs against
>>a list submitted by a club prior to the contest?
> I wudda sworn one or more contests did require this list, but AFTER the
> contest.
> Steve, K0XP
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