[CQ-Contest] Going in Circles

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Tue May 29 23:45:59 EDT 2007

At 07:50 PM 5/29/2007 +0000, you wrote:
>Pete's suggestions make sense, however I don't think they address the 
>problem the PVRC had in last year's SS. Changing the size of the circle 
>doesn't affect the basic problem that no club can know who submitted a 
>log with their club named on it. The question is, who ultimately decides 
>which score's are used for the club competition? I don't see how the 
>club could control it from their end.

I thought there were at least one or a few contests where a club officer
had to submit a list of those who's scores were being claimed for the club

>I hesitate to add anything to workload of the log checking volunteers of 
>the world, but would it be possible to cross-check submitted logs against 
>a list submitted by a club prior to the contest?

I wudda sworn one or more contests did require this list, but AFTER the

Steve, K0XP

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