[CQ-Contest] cut #

Gilles RENUCCI ve2tzt at arrl.net
Wed May 30 16:45:18 EDT 2007

>From my own experience during this WPX CW :

1) I have started the contest just having programmed my logging software to have T for 0 as cut number. When I came over #1000, I became obliged to give up and go back to original 0 because I got a NR? on one third of my contacts with a T in the number and was needing to re-transmit manually without cut 0.
In fact, if for exemple TT6 or T98 are always well understood, it seems that for exemple 1T23, 12T7 ot 1TT5 are disappointing for most average participants.

2) My opignon about that was made when I crossed VY2TT saturday evening (who usually have one of the biggest rate of the contest) on 40m just at his #1999 and #2000, and he did not use any cut number...

Gilles, VE2TZT (VC2M during WPX)

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