[CQ-Contest] cut #

Franki ON5ZO on5zo at telenet.be
Thu May 31 09:27:07 EDT 2007

>it seems that for exemple 1T23, 12T7 ot 1TT5 are
>disappointing for most average participants.

That happened to me in my very, very first CW contest "back in 2001" (UBA DX 
CW). No one told me about cut numbers and I could barely copy above 20WPM.
I did not understand why they were sending me letters like T and N so I 
asked for repeats over and over. Some stations even QSY'ed without finishing 
the QSO.
I quit that contest after 8 QSOs... and learned a lot since that day!

I still don't know why they didn't at least repeat with full numbers and 
QRS... Yet complaining there aren't more ON stations in this particular 

73 de Franki ON5ZO

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