[CQ-Contest] cut #

Professional Home Inspections mackanos at rpa.net
Thu May 31 10:45:37 EDT 2007

My opinion, as a higher speed cw op,

STOP the cut numbers, 1010 ends up in my serial number as a t a t,

901 ends up as n t a ?  Yeh, I can do it, but why ? 

 I have to wait for the poor guy who can't copy it, so it slows ALL of us

They may think they are saving time, but when they hear NR? NR? Over and
over, DUH ? 

That's what I copied and the fingers automatically go there. Why should we
have to go and decipher through our mind what to put in the serial number?
It is an added step that I don't need. It is like copying cw with a decoder,
its in my mind b4 it gets to the monitor.
If you worked me, 99 was sent as 99, not n n, 199 was 199 not a n n, etc.

Not many asked me for NR repeats!

Just my 2 cents

Paul K2DB

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