[CQ-Contest] PileUP! 11(2) SAC-issue

D LINDSAY ESVLC EXP LINER MGR DLindsay.vlc at mscspain.com
Fri Sep 7 03:16:06 EDT 2007

Re ZB2X:

It would be a shame if Jorma were not to go back to ZB2. The authorities
there are not allowing any new temporary licencing other than for 2 and
6 metres. I have been trying hard for the last year to get a licence to
operate in CQWW this year but no way. It appears there are no local hams
interested in contesting. So for now, the only way ZB2 is going to be in
your contest log is if Jorma is to return...

73 de Duncan EA5ON

7. ZB2X reporting to readers of PileUP!. Jorma, OH2KI

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