[CQ-Contest] Web Poll (Signal reports yes/no)

John Geiger n5ten at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 10:24:44 EDT 2008

But then what is the point of giving out a zone in the
CQWW?  Except for a couple of call districts in the US
and Canada, the zone is known by the callsign of the
station before you ever work them.  The logging
program will tell you the zone as you type in the
call. It is another meaningless exchange.  Same for
the power reports in the ARRL DX contest (and this
discussion was beat to death).  The power the station
is running is completely irrelevant to my scoring for
the QSO (they all count 3 points), and in many cases
it isn't accurate either.

What about age in the All Asia contest?  Do you have
to send in a birth certificate with your entry to
prove you sent the correct age?  And YLs can send 00!!
 I think that is probably incorrect-the tests are easy
here, but not to the point (yet) that an infant can
pass them-and even if one could, a report of .25 or
.75 might be more appropriate.

We already know that although the Sweepstakes rules
specifically say that the check is the last 2 digits
of the year first licensed, they don't care if you
just make up any number, so it is also meaningless. 
Should the check also be eliminated or replaced with
something more meaningful?  Or at least should that
rule actually be enforced?  Or should the rules be
changed to say "The check is any 2 digit number you
want to send."  

I think the rules say that you have to send a signal
report-does it specifically say it has to be a RST
report?  If not, then I can make up my own signal
reporting system, where 59 or 599 means I detected
something on the frequency.

73s John AA5JG
--- Doug Renwick <ve5ra at sasktel.net> wrote:

> You're right signal reports are subjective to a
> degree.  If there are no
> true or false then why do we give signal reports out
> at all?  What is
> the point?
> A 59 report, with or without a S meter, is supposed
> to mean the signal
> is perfectly readable and extremely strong.
> Refer to the chart: 
> http://www.radioing.com/hamstart/rst.html
> Doug
> "Those Island days are always on my mind,
> Someday I'm going to leave it all behind."
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Web Poll (Signal reports
> yes/no)
> But since signal reports are purely subjective, how
> can anyone say that one is false?  There is no true
> or
> false when it comes to signal reports.
> 73s John AA5JG

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