[CQ-Contest] cqww cw spotting report

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Sun Dec 7 13:40:22 EST 2008

>> And that has happened, and logs have been withdrawn.....
>Your good work can and does catch cheaters, and when presented to the 
>contest sponsors, does get logs withdrawn.  Good job.  The contesting 
>community is in your debt.

So far so good.

>But anything beyond that is essentially a public hanging not conducted
>the contest sponsor, but independently carried our by a self appointed 
>prosecutor, judge, and executioner.

Hans, please. Come on.
You were asked for presenting an alternative way of getting the results.

Results are:

1. People know the contest entries are checked also beyond what is
written on the logs.

2. People interested enough know the biggest entrepreneurs of this sort.

History and reasons:

The development has been the entrants have developed their skills in
hiding the source of their self-spots.
This means there are people doing this in planned and systematical ways.

The contesting community really accepts this kind of sanity check for
everybodys' efforts that they actually do honest operating.

The contest sponsors are known not wanting to show any of this data in

Please statement:

Hans please write us a proposal for better handling of this.

Jukka OH6LI

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