[CQ-Contest] ARRL and Open Logs - Time for the next step?

Henk Remijn PA5KT pa5kt at remijn.net
Mon Jul 28 17:21:03 EDT 2008

Joe Subich, W4TV schreef:
> However, putting aside the desirability of allowing contest sponsors 
> to upload submitted logs to LotW, my logs (and those of any other 
> station) are my personal "property" (or those of the station).  I see 
> nothing that gives an contest sponsor the right to release my logs 
> for ANY purpose without my specific permission.  To compel that 
> permission as a condition of entry is absolutely wrong.  Such conditions are the equivalent of an employer demanding access to the employee's personal bank accounts as a condition of employment and are unconscionable. 
> Log checking is the equivalent of auditing of a company's financial 
> statements or a consumer's "credit report."  An auditor or credit 
> bureau generally has access to personal or proprietary data but does 
> not have the right to disclose that data and can be punished severely
> if they do so.
Hamradio and contesting is a hobby, not a life. Comparing contest logs 
with account balances and other private things is a bit exaggerating.
If the contest sponsor decides to publish the logs and puts that in the 
rules, nobody can complain as by sending in a log one agrees to the 
sponsor's rules.

Dont think much station will stop contesting for this.

73 Henk PA5KT

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