[CQ-Contest] ARRL and Open Logs - Time for the next step?

David Kopacz david.kopacz at aspwebhosting.com
Wed Jul 30 13:27:57 EDT 2008


Let me provide a single example. Let's take 6Y1V and PJ2T, whom are
relatively close geographically and compete in a number of contests,
such as CQWW and ARRL International DX contests.

Geoff (W0CG) has a great station (PJ2T), has been around a long time and
over the years, for each contest, has developed numerous strategies to
produce winning scores. On the other hand, 6Y1V is new station, with
very competitive hardware but I have not yet gained the same experience
level competing from the Caribbean. Believe me, it is a learning

Now, Geoff may feel differently, but if I were him, I don't think I
would want my logs opened to my biggest competitor so they can gain all
of the information and experience it has taken me years to garner in a
few weeks of studying my logs. I think this is even more serious of a
problem for single operator stations.

Personally, I can't imagine that cheating is so ramped that it is
necessary to open logs in order to discover it. 

Someone mentioned that our contacts are open anyway because they are on
open air waves, to which I reply, if someone wants to chase me around
the band and record all of my contacts in a contest, so be it, but for
the contest sponsor to force me to open my logs arbitrarily so you can
personally check to see if I am cheating is wrong. My logs are my
property, not the contest sponsor and when I submit them to them for
adjudication, I do not grant them permission to show them to you or
anyone else.

Fortunately, we do not live in a society where everyone must be punished
because of the few that break the rules. Why should Amateur Radio be any

David ~ KY1V



<I'm just curious and really don't want to get into this thread other
than to 
<ask a question.  I am not judging anybody's decision, but my question
<What is the big deal about keeping your contest logs secret and only
<your eyes?  If you submit your logs to LotW they are public for those
<are interested.  Like I said, I'm just curious.  If you were a cheater,
<could understand it.  But anybody listening to the contest can hear the

<contact, so why all the furor over submitting a log?


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