[CQ-Contest] Skimmer for S/O in IARU

Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Tue Jun 3 00:00:16 EDT 2008


> what is does and how it does it is completely immaterial

What's code got to do, got to do with it....What's code, but 
an outdated
mode.....Who wants to operate when a computer will do it for 

Crap,  now I'll have that tune in my head for the next week 

>You may feel that they are an "unfair" technological 
>advantage but
>I feel your big antennas are an "unfair" technological 
>The argument over what technology is "fair" and what is not 
>is getting tiresome ... if you are going to reject, ban, or 
>one form of technological assistance, ban them all starting 
>memory keyers, computer logging, history files, SCP and 
>even big

Please let me keep my antennas.  I will go along with doing 
away with
all the other stuff. :-)).

I do not think Skimmer is an unfair advantage and have never 
made the statement
that it is an unfair advantage. EVERYONE who wants to 
compete will use it
if it is allowed and they have time when it is announced to 
be allowed.  Within
about 24 hours of thinking it was needed at my station for 
WPX it was implemented
thanks to a friend who had a SDR.

>Now CW is just another digital mode and it will be
>decoded by machine as much as by ear ... if someone skilled 
>in that
>technology chooses to use it and you chose to ignore it, 
>that's your

Having seen it used in a major contest, I'm having a really 
hard time trying
to imagine where any skill comes into play in using Skimmer 

> The sum of an operator is his ability to integrate ALL of 
> the tools:
> technology, experience and operating skill.  A contest 
> measures all
> of that - not simply the operator's ability to copy CW by 
> ear.

I personally witnessed an operator's skill in finding 
stations to work
go completely by the wayside and be replaced with the 
of clicking on a spot with a mouse.  I was truly saddened, 
this is the first skill to go away and there are many others 
that will follow.

BTW, Skimmer is really cool and impressive - about as 
impressive as a
machine throwing a curve ball that breaks 2 1/2 feet. 
However, I am pretty
sure I am a part of the vast majority who are more impressed 
with a person
who can throw that curve ball than the guy who flips the 
swtich to turn on the
machine that was built to do the same thing more 

Joe - I'm sorry I got sucked into debating this with you 
again.  Let's just agree on
one thing and that is that we disagree on almost everything 
having to do with this subject.

73...Stan,  K5GO

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