[CQ-Contest] Proposal For Single Op and Single Op Assisted

Greg Davis n3zl.radio at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 17:27:25 EDT 2008

Fine definitions Jim, I agree 100%!

73 de Greg N3ZL

Jim George wrote:
>  From Randy Thompson:
> "Here is your assignment.  Propose new rule wordings for single op and single
> op assisted that are simple, easily understood/translated to multiple
> languages, will be widely accepted by the contest community, and makes it
> clear what the difference is between assistance and not assistance. Oh, and
> it needs to apply equally for SSB, CW, and RTTY."
> Here goes.
> Single Op
> Operates the amateur radio equipment alone. All reception and transmitting 
> is done in accordance with the contest rules and the rules of his/her 
> licensing authority. No use of receiving or alerting assistance of any kind 
> is allowed including external spotting, arranged schedules, or any decoding 
> devices other than natural human capability may be used, except for RTTY, 
> where "non-human ear" decoding of incoming signals is allowed if the 
> decoding is done within the usual bandpass of the receiver.
> Single Operator Assisted
> Same as Single Op except the use of receiving or alerting assistance may be 
> used including external spotting, as well as decoding devices other than 
> natural human capability.
> Jim George N3BB
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