[CQ-Contest] A different approch to technology was: What Skimmer is!

Michael Coslo mjc5 at psu.edu
Wed Jun 4 10:45:14 EDT 2008

On Jun 4, 2008, at 9:58 AM, Randy Thompson wrote:

> Does anyone else find it funny that the guy advocating for skimmer  
> on the
> grounds of technology advancement is then arguing that contacts should
> require a human to be manually involved?

I don't find it odd.

> If we can make rules requiring human involvement (I assume as a way of
> keeping it a human sport rather than a robot/technology exercise),  
> then why
> can't we draw the same line around the skimmer?  I.e., we want to keep
> humans in the call finding business rather than having skimmer do it.

How about we phrase the issue, and look at this in an unemotional  
light. (nothing regarding your post, this just seemed like a good  
time to interject)

We can draw a line wherever intelligent and thoughtful discussion  
leads us.

This discussion comes about because the technology allows the  
individual operator to get info on who is on the air, but without  
resorting to outside people telling him or her.

That is really something, and since it resides in a technological no- 
man's land, and it accomplishes what used to take a other people  
listening, and then placing that knowledge on a network, it is a  
little dangerous.

It makes us look at just what is assisted anyhow. People get beat up  
for suggesting that other parts of contesting are using technology to  
work more stations faster than working without, but I can tell  
everyone that if we are to seriously consider banning the Skimmer, we  
will have to look at the big picture. Not necessarily with an eye  
towards banning technology that is already in use, but where new  
technology such as the Skimmer fits into that big picture.

One of the questions that is crucial is not even whether Skimmer is  
or isn't as far as assisted operations.

That question is what does Skimmer do to CW operations? Some have  
claimed it will kill CW in contesting, and others have claimed the  
opposite, that it will draw new people to the mode. It isn't  
specifically part of the rules making as far as the decision of just  
how much assistance Skimmer is, but it is important.

We have a chance here to have such a discussion, but if we start  
demeaning the "other side". we really won't accomplish much aside  
from making enemies out of people we should be working with.

Anyone want to have that discussion?

-73 de Mike N3LI -

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