[CQ-Contest] What Skimmer is!

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Jun 4 11:00:32 EDT 2008

At 09:58 AM 6/4/2008, Randy Thompson wrote:
>Does anyone else find it funny that the guy advocating for skimmer on the
>grounds of technology advancement is then arguing that contacts should
>require a human to be manually involved?
>If we can make rules requiring human involvement (I assume as a way of
>keeping it a human sport rather than a robot/technology exercise), then why
>can't we draw the same line around the skimmer?  I.e., we want to keep
>humans in the call finding business rather than having skimmer do it.

Or why not, for that sort, allow both types of operation to co-exist, and 
let the operators decide which class they want to enter.  I think the whole 
focus on "assistance" is misguided - but the fact is that in some contests, 
Skimmer will be the sort of game-changer that packet was touted to be, a 
decade ago.  As such, I do not believe it should be allowed in the base 
single-op category, but it would be silly to try to ban it from single-op 

73, Pete N4ZR 

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