[CQ-Contest] rules

Eric Scace K3NA eric at k3na.org
Wed Jun 4 12:10:31 EDT 2008

Hi Randy et al --

   We are seeing a blizzard of rules proposals and counter-proposals.  
But we don't actually know if there is a "problem" yet with CW skimmers.

   Rather than changing rules, let's do this:

1.  For the next two years, when reporting a score, also answer this 
   "Did you use a CW Skimmer or its equivalent?"
This question applies to all entrants: single op and multi-op.

2.  Publish the line scores with a mark indicating the answer to that 

3.  In 2010 June, review the results of the past two years to determine
  a)  Does the use of a CW skimmer have a material impact on scores?
  b)  If yes, do the award categories need to be changed in some way?  
Or is disclosure sufficient?

-- Eric K3NA

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