[CQ-Contest] What Skimmer is!

Charlotte & Bob Higgins rwhiggins at charter.net
Thu Jun 5 14:48:26 EDT 2008

> I do it for fun. I like to use computer logging but I still just use the
> ol' TS-850 and a mic or keyer. No computer-generated CW here. No Super 
> Check Partials or other aids. I do use the computer as a dupe checker when 
> I hear and type in the call, but otherwise I just copy what the other guy 
> sends or says and enter it into the log as I hear it.
> But there are others, I know, who are in it to win something and I often 
> wonder if they are even having fun at it. It's these people who are most 
> apt to use the scenario I described. I'll stick to my rig, simple logging, 
> no packet or anything else, and keyer/mic for the duration of my 
> contesting future. And hopefully continue to have fun at it. If it isn't, 
> I'll go and do something else too.
> 73, Zack W9SZ

Now I think you're onto something. How about a contest category with no 
packet, no skimmer, no computer generated cw. Send cw by hand (keyer OK) and 
copy it by ear.  Maybe allow computer generated CQ'ing, but exchange sent by 
hand. Computer logging OK.

DVK OK to save the voice in phone contests, since it doesn't take any skill 
to say your call (except maybe in the last hours of a 48 hour contest).

Bob K4LW 

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