[CQ-Contest] The Skimmer Rule Challenge

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Thu Jun 5 22:50:53 EDT 2008

From: VR2BrettGraham 

> WW rules:
> "A. Single Operator Categories: Single or all band; only one
> signal allowed at any one time; the operator may change
> bands at any time.
> 1. Single Operator High: Those stations at which one person
> performs all of the operating, logging, and spotting functions.
> The use of DX alerting assistance of any kind places the
> station in the Single Operator Assisted category.
> > by power>
> B. Single Operator with DX Spotting Net: Same as III A 1
> except the passive (self-spotting not allowed) use of DX
> spotting nets is allowed."

> .......
> WW conclusion: WW SO can do all the functions of operating.
> The use of "DX alerting assistance of any kind" makes SO into
> SOA.  SOA can't provide "alerting assistance" to others.

It is just amazing how so many choose to ignore B as a further explanation of difference between SO and SOA. Without CQ Mag. knowing that skimmer is commeth, rules clearly indicate that "DX alerting assistance" relates to information obtained from and provided by another operator - not gadget, software, anything. (For legal beagels: what if I use skimmer not to DX allert, just regular stations, because I worked all the DX already and only "regular" stations/points are left and reported by my skimmer???  :-) (like: what's DX to whom???)
Assisted - was meant to mean another OPERATOR - person, not assistance by computer, keyer, software, foot switch. (B fortifies that)

If one uses own skimmer or whatever in the shack (TECHNOLOGY part of the station) it is SO and his toys. If it is someone elses skimmer, whatever - that is assisted.

It is just amazing how Luddites are fighting another marvelous tool in the radio arsenal that should help to increase scores, participation and fun for those who choose to master nad use it. What is te danger? More people participating because another toy, or more QSOs and activity in our "CW dying" arena? 

Ham Radio Contesting is a technical sport, involving technology and operating skills. Any progress in those areas and mastering most aspects of it to increase our scores is the positive thing. Records are made to be beaten. 

Rules are just fine, clarification that use of your own skimmer at your station within the limits is OK for "unassisted", use of someone elses skimmer, packet, whatever is assisted. When will we see "asses" beating "un-asses" scores, when there is so much advantage?
At what point should we "freeze" the technology "assistance" to contesting? Spark TX, hand key, transceiver, CQers, pre-skimmers???

I am still amazed that skimmer is a big problem, while loopside scoring systems like ZERO QSOs for own big country or 30 - 60% scoring advantage for SA/AF is OK.

Joe, W4TV is putting it very well, but seems that big chorus seems to ignore the B and reasoning and difference between person and gadget. 

Personally, I can't wait to find good frequency, way high in the band, F1 and let the world of skimmers find me and "robot" me! I don't even need no stinkin' skimmer!

If one can use technology to advance their operating and scores - more power to them, that's what technical sport is all about - technology + operator and how you master it.
See y'all in the skimmer pileups!
Yuri, K3BU.us
Back to "skimmer is the assistant" hidden in the computer.  :-)

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