Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Fri Jun 6 23:52:47 EDT 2008

> Stan,

> I followed you right up to the point where I didn't 
> understand that you actually made a point. Please take no 
> offense, perhaps I missed something and you can clarify.

You did miss the point, David.  This has nothing to do with 
single operator Unassisted versus Assisted or local Skimmer 
setups.  It has to do with Assisted, Multi-Single and 
Multi-Multi and the use of a "network" that includes a 
remote receiver (SDR) hooked up to a code reader (Skimmer).

It has to do with putting remote receivers with Skimmer on 
networks and the ability for someone to tap into a 
SDR/Skimmer, in Europe, for example, to copy callsigns in 
the USA or Jamaica to help copy ones that could not have 
been copied without that remote receiver assistance.

It applies to both the Skimmer mode that copies those 
calling CQ AND the mode that provides all the callsigns 
copied whether calling CQ or not.

Go back and carefully read what I wrote.  Although there was 
no response as to whether I answered the questions 
correctly, I assume I got all the answers correct since, 
with another subject header, K1TTT wrote:

>how would you receive your report from cluster spots?  Or 
>even really verify that the station was calling YOU and not 
>someone else on or near or listening split on your 

My response to that is:

1.  If I am on the East Coast, the band is open to Europe
on 160M, and I have a pileup of Europeans calling on my
frequency, there is no doubt who they are calling.

2.  In the CQ Contest the report is automatic.  If it is
G4BUE the report is 59914.  If it is OK1RR the report is
59915, etc.  Not that I couldn't have perhaps copied the 

even though the callsign could not have been copied without 

remote receiver and code reader in Europe networked to my 
computer via


This is a real can of worms and, if Skimmer/SDR is allowed
at remote locations, you can be sure it is going to cause 
problems than can ever be imagined.

Stan, K5GO

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