David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sun Jun 8 08:03:29 EDT 2008

> >how would you receive your report from cluster spots?  Or
> >even really verify that the station was calling YOU and not
> >someone else on or near or listening split on your
> >frequency??
> My response to that is:
> 1.  If I am on the East Coast, the band is open to Europe
> on 160M, and I have a pileup of Europeans calling on my
> frequency, there is no doubt who they are calling.

Yes there is.  It is common here on the east coast to have pileups of
Europeans calling someone even father east that we can't hear.

> 2.  In the CQ Contest the report is automatic.  If it is
> G4BUE the report is 59914. 

So you don't copy reports??  Or you only play in cqww??  There are contests
beyond cqww where you do have to copy reports.  And On the east coast where
we work into Russia and other countries that have more than one zone you do
have to at least verify that the computer guessed the right one.

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