[CQ-Contest] Thanks to the contest people

Vitor, PY2NY (Gmail) py2ny.vitor at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 10:53:21 EDT 2008


I writing just before leaving our home (Jun 17)
to 12 days at Como (ITA) and Kressbronn (GER).
Will be present at Friedrichshafen HamRadio!!
Like always, contest comunity give us a special
support and I would like to give a big and public
THANKS to everybody, specially IK2QEI and DJ9MH.
IK2QEI give good directions to the "albergo"
www.locandasantanna.net and wine store near

DJ9MH send us a lot of information about Riesling
German wines and took help from DL1SCH 
looking to a little piece of my A-class Mercedes
car hi hi.

Thank you so much again, allowing us to ask 
here, at cq-contest list, for this kind of help
and thanks God I'm Ham Radio op....

Will be at Argegno (ITA) 18-23 June and
between 23-29 June.

See you at HamRadio !!

Vitor PY2NY and Ana PU2VYT.

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