[CQ-Contest] Real World Testing The Packet/Skimmer Score Increase Hypothesis

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Mon Jun 16 01:48:27 EDT 2008

The Packet/Skimmer Score Increase Hypothesis can be real world tested in any
contest by pairs of comparable single operators/stations not necessarily
interested in competing for a top score, but who alternate each year using
Packet/Skimmers or not. The station using Packet/Skimmer can submit as a
Multi-op or a checklog. This proposal does not require all out efforts. The
pairs merely need to decide ahead of time the operating hours. Certainly
propagation conditions will vary year to year, as will the state of the art
of the Skimmer. However, year to year comparisons with a "paired" comparable
station should generate valid data.

Beyond that, contesters could get a taste of what Packet/Skimmers add to, or
detract from, their own personal contesting enjoyment. Maybe it will be as
distasteful as you expect. Or, you might find you like the spice of variety.
Anyway, the ongoing discussion could be suspended for 2 or 3 years while
real data is being collected and analyzed. Then the Rules Wars can begin

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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