[CQ-Contest] single-op pornography

Warren C. Stankiewicz nf1j at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 16 14:18:13 EDT 2008

Doug, KR2Q, writes (very eloquently) about a priori knowledge in the skimmer
vs. assisted debate.

Here's my question, though:

When using a packet cluster, you're able to tell what stations are where,
but there's no guarantee you're going to work them. They may or may not be
audible at your station, the individual who posted them could have gotten
the call wrong, any one of a number of possibilities could occur wherein you
might not get the contact.

Skimmer, on the other hand, and as I understand it, (and when just used
locally) gives you the ability to see what stations are in your own
receiver's pass band--it's essentially the old panadaptor displays taken to
a new level of technology. This seems to be an animal of a different sort.

In all the years of contesting "history", I can think of only one
technological advance that was banned completely--the octopus. Amateur radio
is ostensibly a "technical" hobby--we would do better to find ways to
embrace, use, and identify these possibilities (and fit them into the
appropriate categorization) rather than ostriching ourselves and burying our
heads in the ground.

With malice towards none,

Warren, NF1J/6

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