[CQ-Contest] Eliminate SO Unassisted?

VE5ZX ve5zx at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 19:42:35 EDT 2008

> Enforceability is irrelevant.  We already have all kinds of rules that
> are impossible to enforce.  It's impossible to detect if a single op is
> getting help with mults from a second ham in the shack.  It's impossible

By definition rules are enforceable; however guidelines are not. Some 
winners expect quality adjudication where the rules are enforceable.  Just 
because it may be possible to abuse a rule is not a good enough reason not 
to strive to enforce it.

Perhaps one way forward is for sponsors to have gold standard events. 
Entries in these events require on-site certification. This  approach has no 
impact on 95% or more of entrants. It solely impacts operators wishing to 
compete in gold standard events with enforceable rules. They  take on the 
responsibility and the costs of having their entries certified as well as 
the honors of winning such events.

Only one change is required to the line scores report. Certified entries 
need to be flagged.

Strict rulings by contest committees on issues such as power,  packet, 
skimmer, etc would focus on the certification requirements for gold standard 
events thereby setting the guidelines that uncertified participants will be 
expected to follow.

  ... Syl

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK


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