[CQ-Contest] Real World Testing The Packet/Skimmer Score IncreaseHypothesis

Marijan Miletic s56a at bit.si
Tue Jun 17 07:30:32 EDT 2008

K1TTT wrote: The big worry seems to be that the use of the skimmer would
upset the apple
cart so badly that perennial winners would get beaten.

I guess N5TJ @ VE3EJ score convinced assisted doubters :-)

NF1J/6 wrote: Amateur radio is ostensibly a "technical" hobby--we would do
better to find ways to
embrace, use, and identify these possibilities (and fit them into the
appropriate categorization) rather than ostriching ourselves and burying our
heads in the ground.

I was told that California helps us seeing the future and I hope it helped
K3EST.  K6STI knew it!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1Yu

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