[CQ-Contest] The Skimmer Rule Challenge

Michael Keane K1MK k1mk at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jun 17 10:16:21 EDT 2008

At 12:52 PM 6/16/2008, Dick Green WC1M wrote:

>As I said in my reply to K1TTT, there's an anomalous situation where an
>Assisted op could setup a remote receiver to send him/her Skimmer spots via
>packet, over the Internet or via dedicated line. Under current rules for
>ARRL, CQWW and CQ WPX, this is not permitted because the receiver is outside
>the magic circle: i.e., it's a remote receiver. But why should this be
>disallowed when the Assisted op is allowed to receive the same information
>if the station is setup and controlled by another op? Consideration should
>be given to this question when the rules are reviewed.


Skimmer does not seem to introduce anything new into this situation. 
The same anomaly has existed since the introduction of the assisted category.

Currently the rules would allow an assisted or multi-operator 
station' to use  serendipitous "spots" that were made by other 
stations which, out of the goodness of their heart for lack of a 
better reason, chose to "spot"  the assisted/multi-operator station's pile-up.

Moreover, the phrase "operating arrangements involving other 
individuals" in the ARRL rules could be read as allowing 
assisted/multi-operator stations to make arrangements with other 
stations to spot for them, as long as the distant station is only 
providing "spots" and not performing any part of the "receiving function."

The distinction between "receiving" in contrast to "receiving spots" 
is an aspect of the rules that would benefit from a review and 
clarification independent of the specifics of Skimmer.

Mike K1MK

Michael Keane K1MK
k1mk at alum.mit.edu

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