[CQ-Contest] The Skimmer Rule Challenge

Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Tue Jun 17 14:18:43 EDT 2008

> Skimmer does not seem to introduce anything new into this situation.
> The same anomaly has existed since the introduction of the assisted 
> category.
> Currently the rules would allow an assisted or multi-operator
> station' to use  serendipitous "spots" that were made by other
> stations which, out of the goodness of their heart for lack of a
> better reason, chose to "spot"  the assisted/multi-operator station's 
> pile-up.

Good analysis of the problem.

However, Skimmer does introduce something new and that is the ability 
for someone
have that "good heart" and spot all the stations calling in the pile-up 
without having to do much of
anything.  There is a big difference between someone entering callsigns 
all night long
and putting a receiver with Skimmer on 3502 for the entire 
contest -probably
why the problem has not been rampant..

Stan, K5GO 

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