[CQ-Contest] Field Day 2008

Pat Hoppe phoppe at wi.rr.com
Tue Jun 24 14:13:45 EDT 2008

We started an amateur radio club at our college this past spring.  I offered
to have the new club join another club for field day.  They asked if they
could do it themselves.  So if you work N9GTC this week-end, keep in mind
that the entire club is brand new to amateur radio..  We have 5 newly
licensed hams and 9 folks working on their ticket.  I am the only one of
them that has ever been on the air.  We won't make the most contacts, but
every one of our club members will have time behind the mic and they will
make their first QSO.  

If you hear N9GTC on cw Saturday night from midnight to 6:00 am, that will
be me. :)

See you in the mix,

WW9R, club trustee for N9GTC

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Even though Field Day is not technically a contest, it is one of the best
opportunities to showcase "contesting" to lots of operators (and visitors)
that do not normally operate contests.


I hope that you will participate with a Field Day group and encourage young
and non-experienced operators. Teach by example. Sit with them while they
learn to "call CQ" or search and pounce. Help them learn a logging program.
Show them how to install a dipole.


The contesting skills that we take for granted need to be shared with
others. Field Day is a super chance to do this.


Many of us got our contesting feet wet at Field Day, take this once a year
opportunity to "pass it on". Be a contesting mentor. 


See you in Field Day!


Be safe!



Tim K3LR 


FD operator @ K5EOK  3A Oklahoma

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