[CQ-Contest] Field Day 2008

Tim Duffy K3LR K3LR at k3lr.com
Tue Jun 24 13:16:26 EDT 2008

Even though Field Day is not technically a contest, it is one of the best
opportunities to showcase "contesting" to lots of operators (and visitors)
that do not normally operate contests.


I hope that you will participate with a Field Day group and encourage young
and non-experienced operators. Teach by example. Sit with them while they
learn to "call CQ" or search and pounce. Help them learn a logging program.
Show them how to install a dipole.


The contesting skills that we take for granted need to be shared with
others. Field Day is a super chance to do this.


Many of us got our contesting feet wet at Field Day, take this once a year
opportunity to "pass it on". Be a contesting mentor. 


See you in Field Day!


Be safe!



Tim K3LR 


FD operator @ K5EOK  3A Oklahoma

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