[CQ-Contest] LOGS

KC4HW jimjohnson at alaweb.com
Wed Jun 25 09:03:41 EDT 2008

Hey Everyone, 

Everyone must be making preparations for FD!  Good Luck!

I am on the hunt for those that participated in the Alabama QSO Party but have
not submitted a log.  

Please consider sending in your log, no matter how small you might think that it 
is.  There are a couple of real good reasons:  

1.  It gives us the opportunity to share with plaque sponsors that amount of 
participation that we had.  It lets them know that their monies are going to 
support an event that people are enjoying!

2.  It give us information to present to software vendors to thank them for their 
support and solicit support in the future.    

I know that a log that only has 10, 15 or sometimes just 25 contacts seems 
insignificant and certainly to the ARRL and CQ contest managers it probably is, 
but to a small event such as our, it is very important to get all the logs we can.

We still got until July 7th for logs submission.  We have a logs received page at 
http://www.alabamaqsoparty.org/2008/2008_receivedlogs.html if you would like 
to check for a submitted log.  

Send your log to logs at alabamaqsoparty.org   



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