[CQ-Contest] Quad Antennas performance for Contesting

Renner, PY7RP py7rp at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 27 20:13:40 EDT 2008

Hello Guys
I intent to assemble what i will call a "simple & cheap" contest station.
My plans are to build a reasonable competitive station to SOAB LP
efforts using cheap stuffs.
I have thought on many options for the antennas. I would like to use
wire antennas instead of traditional yagis with aluminium due to the
facility on building it and price, sure!.
So thinking on wire-made antennas i stoped my eyes on a multiband
quad antenna. A 2 element 10-15-20 quad seems to be a great choice,
since the gain seems to equal a 3 elem monoband yagi and the price 
in comparison to 3 differents monobanders is really a bargain.
I found a store that sells Bamboo fishing poles for a good price here.
They are 9 meters tall and costs only ~ 5$/unit. They seems to be
strenght enough and well straight bamboos.
I haven't bought it yet. I began to search on the internet articles about
cubical quad antennas made with bamboo. My interest is to find something
about the treatment they must have to keep in a well shape for
a reasonable time up on the air i.e. passing through bad weather conditions.
Does anyone have any idea about why kind of treatment they should have
before going up on the mast?
73 Renner

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