[CQ-Contest] AADXCW Age Breakdown

John Warren nt5c at texas.net
Sat Jun 28 11:26:09 EDT 2008

On Jun 27, 2008, Dennis W1UE wrote:

> It would appear that in 20 years, when the 23 hams in their 30's today
> are in their 50's, there will be
> considerably fewer stations to work.

I think (and hope) that you're being a bit too pessimistic Dennis.

My observation - certainly in our Contest/DX club CTDXCC - is that  
serious contesting has become a hobby for "upper-middle-aged" folks  
(40-60?) who for the first time have some serious available time and  
disposable income in their lives. Of course we want  young people too,  
but they tend to be short on those two items. And as for OFs like me -  
we're past the complexity and stress of modern contesting!

So I think that looking at the number of young people in contesting is  
misleading.  In general, it's not a young person's game.  But as that  
generation matures, they'll get the time, money and renewed interest  
which will make them the heart of the contesting business 20 years  
from now.

73,  John,  NT5C. 

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