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Always  you can find  the use  for those bamboo poles or bamboo sticks
 Weather protection is recommended . fiberglass , paint , a lot  or other  compound .

My first choice over a  single 2 elements quad   will be a SPIDER BEAM like antenna

check the design , that  design work and easy to build , several monoband yagis  one coax
more complicated and more compromises in the 2 ele quad, I have a 4 elements  what works FB

73 de XE2K

"Renner, PY7RP" <py7rp at yahoo.com.br> wrote: Hello Guys!

First of all, Thanks for all the answers i have received!

Many people agreeded with the usage of cubical quads

for a short budget and some other tribanders yagis instead.

The reason of bamboos poles for spreaders is due

to the fact that i can not find fiberglass tubes here! Hi Hi

I think the way i have is to use some kind of resin
or vernish with UV protection to cover the spreaders.

Thanks again and when it goes on the air i will take
some photos and send to the list.

73 Renner

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